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“How different it is with the man who devotes himself to studying the law of the Most High, who investigates all the wisdom of the past, and spends his time studying the prophecies!

“He preserves the sayings of famous men and penetrates the intricacies of parables. He investigates the hidden meaning of proverbs and knows his way among riddles.

“He makes a point of rising early to pray to the Lord, his Maker, and prays aloud to the Most High, asking pardon for his sins. If it is the will of the great Lord, he will be filled with intelligence; then he will pour forth wise sayings of his own and give thanks to the Lord in prayer.

“He will have sound advice and knowledge to offer, and his thoughts will dwell on the mysteries he has studied. He will disclose what he has learned from his own education, and will take pride in the law of the Lord’s covenant.” From Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) NEBA.

Timothy J. Sakach, Ph.D.
Theologian,  author, publisher and speaker.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the original location of the the blog. It was changed early last year and moved to a private server. To go to the official web site, click here.

My goal is to make this blog a place where you can find solid information about life, the true prophecies, and the future hope of human kind. The posts and pages are intended to be “evergreen.” I may go back to archived posts and edit them to remove any material that may appear dated and to make sure that all material reflects what is most profitable for readers.

In the blog you can find material that cannot be found anywhere else. For example,  the posts contain the true understanding of the prophecy of the 1,335 days and the other periods of time found in Daniel and in the Book of Revelation. Although others may write <em>about </em>these subjects, only this blog presents the truth about these with the evidence that backs up this understanding.

This blog is also a “witness.”  Here you will find truth that can be found in the Scriptures. The object is to present this material at this time so that the revealed future can be understood now. If you understand what is written you can make changes that will benefit you greatly.

One overall objective is to tell the awesome good news about the next age. Understanding this news does not require that you join any religion, cult, or sect. We are all part of the human race, and this good news affects us all, whether we believe it or not. But the years before the new age and Kingdom comes are filled with sorrow and tribulation.

Therefore, what is written here includes warnings, encouragement and hope.

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